The common question of the small business owner is the definition of the local SEO. The simple answer is that it is just like the regular SEO. The concept, procedure, advantages and the result is similar to the regular SEO. The only difference is the scale of the reach is different. While the result of the regular SEO is supposed to accessed anywhere in the world, the search result for the local SEO is supposed to be prominently accessed in the local area where the products and the services are being provided.The local SEO is supposed to provide the search results for the local results. The main strategy for the local SEO is to list the business under the local search engines, which help the local users to search for the local businesses with address, contact numbers with the maps basically targeted towards the local use.

Local SEO is mostly used by the people who own small business and cater to the local area. As you are based in the particular area, you may know about your targeted customers and their type more likely. This is an advantage you can use while optimizing your website for local search engine and can get more page ranking for getting increased traffic to your site. Apart from that, you can also do extensive keyword research for the most often used keywords or key phrase in your local area. Based upon this research, you can modify your website accordingly.

Apart from this, things to consider in local SEO –

  1. The main difference between regular SEO and local SEO is that contact addresses do not merit much importance in regular SEO, whereas they play an important part in local SEO. Due to its nature, the business contact details and the addresses of the office or shop play an important part in ensuring increasing visits of the present and potential customers to the business place.


  1. Type of the search engines – The other difference between regular SEO and local SEO is the importance of the different search engines. Google and other international search engines play a very important part in the regular SEO to make sure that the reach of the products and services should reach worldwide. But the local SEO focuses on different local search engines and business directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp and others to spread the information about the local and small business.

Local SEO plays an important part in spreading the awareness about the local businesses and the other services and caters mainly for the local area whereas the regular SEO targets internet marketing on the worldwide basis. Also, local SEO is very beneficial to the small businesses which cater to a limited area. As the owner of these small businesses know the type of the customers they are targeting, the local SEO are limited to the specific strategies to create awareness among them whereas the strategies of the regular SEO is more varied, as they create awareness among many segments of the market.