Pinterest has been building up power, up to becoming on one of the most influential social media platforms to date, and it has been discovered that Pins are 100 times more spreadable than Tweets (non-sponsored, of course). If you are yet to discover how Pinterest can contribute to your business and its visibility, check out how you can make money off this amazing app and generate traffic that will lead to money.


Register For A Business Account

In order to register a business account, you don’t need to start from scratch, but instead, you can convert an existing account. One of the benefits is that you can access Rich Pins. This means you will be able to post more information and add features like product prices and direct links that land directly on your website.

With these alterations, you sure can redirect a lot of traffic to your website from users interested in your products or services.

Dedicate time to Pins

When redirecting traffic in order to generate sales, it is important to understand that you have to take a step further. Unlike bloggers, you cannot just post a title and a description, but you can maximize the exposure of your website by doing more than that.


Every post should be:


Interesting: Toy with users emotions or sensitivity. This will make them more prone to click through.

Detailed: Every word counts. Make short posts that contain enough information to appeal to the reader.

Helpful: Make it informative and easy to understand.

Interactive: A call to action will increase engagement and get those clicks flowing.


Pin At The Right Time


You cannot post randomly if you really want to engage viewers or to attempt to make a sale or a clickthrough. You need to make sure your target audience will be reached, you have to make a study and know when you should post pins.

Finding the right time for you may take up testing, but once you finally master it, it is sure you can convert and engage a lot faster and at a lot broader audience.

Consistency is key to success. In order to increase viewers and post engagement, you must make sure you always have something to show off, so users don’t leave you behind and always keep you in the back of their mind.


Create worthy Pins


Create images that people will want to post, include title text, and stick to what has been done before because that is what works best. If you include warm colors (reds, pinks, purples) will be more likely to be shared than cold colors (green & blue), so keep that in mind!


Consistency is key

You cannot expect to get massive results from the start, this is a process that requires work, effort and that will surely pay off better than you expect after the first weeks.

In reality, you need to be very engaged with your Pinterest campaign in order to get optimal results. Make sure you are taking the steps that will make you a top Pinterest account!