If you are new to doing business on the internet, then you would be not aware of how to increase traffic to your website. One of the best options that small business websites need to think about is to carry out local link building to boost SEO. Only with a good online presence and search engine page rankings will your new business succeed on the internet. Link building is vital for getting the most out of SEO and links will help in easily climbing the search engine rankings of popular search engines. But, if you are not able to build a strong link, then you cannot enjoy great business success online. You need to be aware of the current SEO practices that will help in building great links to your website.

  • Establish tie up with niche influencers

If you are entering into a tie up to build links with businesses that are similar to your business, then you have great chances of easily attracting traffic to your business. These sites will be having connections with the readers. You can be a regular writer for their blogs and also carry out links to your own website in the blogs. The people who read these blogs will trust the links posted and this way they would visit your website.

  • Develop local partnerships

If you are targeting your business to a certain geographic area, then it is ideal for you to establish strong partnerships with local businesses. This will help in gaining backlinks to your business from their website. You just need to talk to the businesses about getting link websites and your business promotion gets a facelift. You should only look at local businesses and franchises to establish a link building partnership and not with big corporations. You can even contribute some articles to the local blogs and carry links to your website in the blogs. There will be local new blogs and community blogs that would welcome blog contributions from guests. This is a very good tip to gain decent SEO for new sites.

  • Premium content

If you are looking at gaining backlinks from leading publications and business blogs, you need to develop premium content. It is a different kettle of fish than the local community and news blogs. The content should not just be tips and lists of other small business blogs. Podcasts, webinars, white papers, e-books, resource pages, and case studies are some of the examples of premium content. You need to spend a lot of time, effort and research to create such contents. But, its reach is far spread and you get higher chances of getting linked this way. You will be able to cut costs by developing an alliance with a non-direct competitor. The result is that you will get authority links.


It is important to make full use of the link building tactics to gain an edge over your local competitors and you enjoy better page rankings. You can make use of the above proven strategies to gain better links for your business.