There is one thing that would matter to most small businesses and that is to have a new website. No matter, you are coming out with a brand new website for your business or are redesigning the current website; you should know the right time to start the SEO for the new site. If you too are confused about the right time to start SEO for new website, then read on.

Never ignore SEO

It is important that you do not ignore any of the important aspects of an SEO for your new website or redesigned website. Ignoring it could put your business in deep trouble. For example, there was a business on the ecommerce platform that redesigned its website and included new product pages. All these product pages were showing in top pages of Google search engine. The company that did the redesigning of the business website did not do much for SEO and they changed the URLs without redirecting the traffic from old URLs to the new URLs. The end result was that all traffic that was diverted from Google did not come to the website, but it showed a 404 – page not found error. If you do not want such experience to show up when you design a new website or come up with the modification of an existing site, make sure that you hire an experienced SEO website designer to do a neat job.

If you had pages in your earlier website that drove in a large amount of traffic and leads for your business, you should never lose it when you redesign the site.  It is vital that you carry out an SEO audit to know which pages are driving more traffic to the website and also incorporate those results in the new version of the website.

Principles to follow for new websites

The following are the new principles that you need to follow when you are creating a new business website or redoing your existing website. The website design, user experience and the SEO are entwined. So, your SEO strategy must be very particular about the content that is carried on the home page and the location where it is placed on the home page. You will never be able to SEO the content of your website. There are certain parts of the SEO that are just one-time activity while most others are ongoing. You need both of them in your website.

Ideal SEO time

The best way to compare SEOs is to compare it with trees. You cannot go back in time in order to plant a tree and also you will not be able to undo what is done so far. This is the same thing with SEO. If you are not on the right track, you can still make the SEO to come on the right track. If you have not done enough for the SEO part earlier when creating your website, you can still do it now and redesign it in such a way that it becomes SEO friendly.