Social networks are generally exploited by companies to establish direct communication with their customers, i.e., with the final consumer. A rotation of strategies and business of these companies, it is known as B2C, i.e., Business-to-Consumer (business to consumer). But what about companies that offer services or products to other companies and not necessarily to final consumers? These are called B2B, i.e. business-to-business (business to business), and can also take advantage of social networks; it is why we’ll talk about B2B marketing on Facebook.

After all, it never hurts to leverage social networks to promote your business, because no matter what your target is, Social Media is a channel in which to promote, and if you spend a little time on it, you will eventually attract leads and eventually  turn into customers for your business. In the case of a B2B company page on Facebook, it is important to consider the following.

The Importance of Likes

Assuming you already have a Facebook page, first, you need users who like your page (a few years ago called fans) so that they can monitor the content you post and share. To obtain them, there are different strategies to build a base of fans -more than classical and very technique used to ask family and friends to give likes, which can give very good real results.The most important thing is to avoid incurring techniques involving the purchase of Likes since these only get false followers who will never be interested in the product or service.

Share Attractive Content

The content you post on the Facebook page to attract users with different goals. First, the content must be attractive enough to generate conversations and is shared by other users. Recently we talked about creating your blog valuable posts to share, but it is not only the items on your blog, something that might be more important is to share images and videos, which are easier to digest and create discussions within of the same publication.

Always look Leads

In this blog, we talked a lot about leads, and reality is that through Facebook can get many of these. How? A useful way is generating strategies to get contact information for your fans.

For example, you can offer some kind of exclusive content for those who follow your brand on Facebook (such as an ebook, a white paper, and even some discount), providing download links if they provide their basic contact information using a secure form.

Put some fun into it

Regardless you are using B2B marketing strategies, not everything should be seriously and fully focused on business, so it is advisable to introduce occasionally some viral content on your Facebook page, something that personally you liked or it droll, some humorous content.

In this way, your fans will not get bored and it will be possible to engage in more personal conversations with them.

Advertising to Increase Reach

To complement the above, it is best to take advertising tools that Facebook provides. Whether the Page Post Ads or simply promoting the page, it is important to invest some money in advertising. Remember that this network has different tools for this, depending on your budget and your business needs.