What makes a perfect mailing campaign? What steps must take into account to successfully serve its purpose?

Often it is the great unknown, we do not know to use it properly, and that email marketing as well as being one of the classics of today and always, the effectiveness still and that never goes out of fashion, has been becoming gradually an absolutely essential as a tool for user loyalty.

Not for the fact that our email into an inbox implies that it will be 100% effective. Achieving it is is a triumph. Aspects such as caring for our database, talk to our users from you to you, take care of the message, measure the frequency of shipping, and above all, keep that attractive, direct and clear, are essential to increase the opening of email, get their effectiveness and successfully our goal: to present our message and amplify it.

  • Do not seek to innovate in excess. As is the case in e-commerce, emailing format it is highly assimilated by the user, and the more standard better and faster understand.
  • Find a catchy title. The title is as important as the content of emailing. Tries to draw the attention of the user making this newsletter is exclusive for him and with a short and direct message.
  • The presentation of your email, it matters a lot. Spell check email, watch the template that you use, not abuse images or long texts, and always performs tests to see everything properly, before sending the final newsletter.
  • Less is always more. This is not to fill the newsletter without more information. It displays the content of simple, simple and direct way.Do not forget to identify the email with the header and logo of your company, and always put the link to “see web version” in the event that the user has a problem when opening your mail.
  • Create impact by a leading article because it is the one that will draw attention. Make this information is the most important of all your email, emphasizing what we want to highlight or promote.
  • Beware of images. Inclusion is important to draw attention visually. Take care you put images, the volume of the same, and its size, as many email managers block them by default if the format is too large.
  • Social buttons. They are useful both to share content and facilitate the dissemination of information as well put our social profiles buttons so that we can continue smoothly and learn a little more about us.
  • Your data provided at the foot of email or footer. It will serve to put our contact details and all company information that we consider essential, especially so that the user can get in touch with us.
  • Unsubscribe button. In many newsletters is the great unknown, because it does not appear anywhere. It is essential for the user if desired, can unsubscribe anytime.