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Twitter already has a huge user base of millions of people, many use it daily basis to share something unique in their lives. Many businesses, whether it is small or big have a presence on Twitter and they reach directly to their potential customers. In simple words, these companies use Twitter to drive huge traffic to their site and generate some potential sales. Some of them even run promotional campaigns to engage their Twitter followers.

If you wonder why companies use Twitter to promote their businesses then you should check out some of the recent Twitter statistics:

· The total registered user of Twitter is almost a billion.

· Twitter gets 36 million unique monthly visitors from the PC alone. That number will be much greater if you include mobile users.

· Twitter has millions of monthly active users, who tweet constantly.

· 77% of Twitter users are located outside the US.

· Twitter has 100 million daily active users.

· Twitter users spent at least 170 minutes per month on Twitter. It has been observed that some users spend almost 300 minutes per month on Twitter.

· 29% of Twitter users use it multiple times in a day.

· International Twitter Timeline views are almost 116 billion in 3rd quarter of 2013.

· US Twitter Timeline views are almost 43 billion in 3rd quarter of 2013.

· Total percentage of Twitter accounts that tweets every month is 13%.

From the above stats, you should get an idea about why companies choose Twitter over other platforms for promoting their business as well as the power of this social media platform.

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