While many sites will offer you advice on how to use backlinks to your advantage, it is also good to know how not to use backlinks. After all, what is good for you is obviously not always what is good for your customers. To keep your customers around, your company will have to keep its reputation clean. It should not engage in intrusive practices that place links in places where they are not welcome or wanted. This is a waste of time and energy anyways, as these links will just be deleted by the moderators of forums and blogs. Thus, you will have wasted resources, along with gaining a bad reputation. Also, if something goes wrong in the way of your products, do not try to make amends by starting proxy sites on various social media sites, where you can include your backlinking on various blogs that you create. If your business is already in trouble because a large portion of your clientele has decided that you have failed to meet the standards you promised, this is not the way to make amends.

In fact, doing this will only make things worse. Several prominent lifestyle communities, after all, have already banned the use of their space by businesses that have lost their trust. They will openly condemn your business if you wrong them, and the best thing to do would be to just own up to what you do and make amends. If you do this in a way that is respectful, many of those who had previously lost trust might consider coming back. If you decide to start providing quality products like you promised, you will gain back what you lost. This is a good defensive strategy. If your business is already threatened because you have messed up, do not use this as a chance for marketing. Behave like a responsible business, and that will be publicity enough for you. Meanwhile, make sure that all of your blogging sites provide good, balanced information on the topics that pertain to the product you sell. They should not merely be sycophants that defer to the company line all of the time.

Since most blog readers and shoppers are highly literate, you should make sure that these blogs are actually insightful and informative even as they work on your backlinking. They can have a positive tone, but they should still sound like they are written by human beings. Do not state opinions that the rest of your clientele would not agree with, especially if many of them decide that they would rather shop for someone else. Instead, provide balanced information and evaluate your products in a way that will help them sell well, but will also let the client know exactly what the client is getting. This is what personal blogs do, and your job as a blog that holds backlinking is to masquerade as a personal blog. While there are other models for operating blogs, this one would be the easiest to use.