Backlinks used to be a good way for people who ran similar blogs to find each other, as finding one blog would mean that you could look in the comments section and find other blogs that discussed similar interests. While these comments seemed to be a nuisance compared to the actual discussion going on in the page, they were the best way to create a network of blogs about the same thing. You could easily see who was just starting out with a blogging interface, and they could join up with the existing group very easily. All you had to do was allow backlinks to show up in the comments section by adjusting the appropriate settings in the user controls. Of course, such a mechanism has grown far more advanced since then. Now, backlinks are less conspicuous and much less cumbersome to use. Most of them are used by businesses trying to increase their visibility in the internet market.

When a popular search engine such as Google decides to create a page for a particular keyword when a user of Google types the keyword into the search bar, the pages with more backlinks will tend to show up farther up and closer to the search bar. This makes them more accessible to the user who is trying to find something to read or buy. Aside from the sponsored links, in fact, the links that have the most inbound backlinking will show up first. In theory, this is because the pages that have been the most useful to past users are also the most talked about pages on the internet for this particular keyword. Of course, this operating mechanism is easily exploitable by anyone hoping to get into SEO marketing. To break into the cycle of rising PageRank naturally is a very tricky and confusing process, after all. If your product is a niche product that no one talks about yet, obviously no one will be talking about it. If no one talks about it, it will never rise in PageRank and no one will ever see it in their search results.

If no one will ever see it in the search results, it will never be talked about. What a vicious cycle this is! To get out of it, SEO marketing gurus can generate their own publicity. Instead of merely relying on the public to generate buzz surrounding their product, they can generate their own buzz using means that are both legal and profitable. Most of these are free, too. As long as the keyword is used in the content written, and the content populates the internet in places where it can be seen, then the backlinking that is used in the article will work quite well in promoting the product that the business is trying to sell. Simply, anyone who is reading the articles will click the backlinks to take them to the offers that would be the most attractive to them. Of course, not everyone uses backlinking and there are other marketing strategies.