Usually, there are two ways to grow your own business once found on a plateau of those where it seems so hard to leave. The first is to re-structure it. In some cases incorrect or insufficient specialization in the market, little differentiation from the competition or not very attractive service, you can make your business is stagnant because customers do not identify you, your history with what you do or what you have to offer. In these cases, an investment in promotion and advertising does not always solve things, and probably widen the gap between what you do and what you get in return.

But if the cornerstone of your business is working properly and the problem is that you have a little influx of prospects, if you can devote yourself to generate more promotion and advertising to make known your business and your offer. Now, unless you have great resources to invest in paid advertising and can afford to do massive and constantly (as do large companies) should be smart when planning investment of your resources.

Wise investment of resources

Whenever we think about investing, we think of money. But the truth is that money is the easy part. But there are other resources to invest that seem cheaper when in fact, once you use them, they cannot be recovered. And you cannot always count on them because they are also scarce. This is your time and energy.

So when we talk about intelligence we are meaning it is important to find the optimal combination to use your resources (time, money and energy) and thus leverage the results of your activities, for example, promotion and advertising.

Share your knowledge

You will agree with me that it is a strategy that does not require a large investment in money. However, if you can not take the time or do not have the energy to do it properly, I assure you it will not work and on the contrary, will keep growing stagnant.

The trick is here to share the knowledge that your ideal client needs, one that will make a difference in your need. This is why it is super important to know clearly what are the needs, difficulties, challenges, and expectations of your ideal client.

This strategy not only allows you to connect with your potential customers but also educate them, prepare them for a level of action that can not access immediately but can do so through a time to work with you.

Devote your time to listen to your ideal client

As mentioned in the previous strategy, it is essential to know what your ideal client needs. Because if you offer what they do not need, however, cheap or given away, they will not give importance to it, and on the other hand, you’re wasting your time (and, of course, theirs).

It is always good to do small market research to know what your potential customer needs but the best chance you have is when you have a sales conversation. Whenever a potential customer to contact you, come to your office or call you by phone interested in your products and / or services, it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about it.

So next time you have this situation, do not jump immediately (and with an air of desperation) to the point of sale, and try to learn a little more about the reality that your customer or potential customer is living. This strategy is super also valid for customers who have already bought you. Do not assume you know what you need because you worked with them. The needs of all variables change when some of the contexts in which they are immersed modified. And the market is constantly changing.