Facebook isn’t just for finding your best friend from fourth grade or keeping tabs on an ex; it can be an amazing help for improving many aspects of your business. It is great for marketing your products, landing new client work and connecting with your customers. The easiest way to get started is to create a Facebook group or page for your product, business or brand. If you create a Facebook page that is engaging, interactive and interesting for people, Facebook can potentially help your company to get more business. This article outlines ways you can begin using Facebook for business.

Many businesses use Facebook to advertise their products to potential customers because this social media platform allows them to target specific groups of people. Companies usually have to pay a fee, which is determined by auctions, to advertise on Facebook, but the social media website allows them to advertise to people who become their friends or put certain phrases or words within their profiles or status updates. Your business can also use Facebook to advertise its products and services to potential customers.

It’s important for businesses to show how they participate in the local community and a remarkable way to do this is through community service. Starting a Facebook event for a community service activity is a great way to involve your clients and other local businesses in what you’re doing. Such events will give your business a positive exposure in the community and help to build trusting and engaging fans.

Regardless of how you plan on using Facebook for business, you’ll certainly be doing some customer service. The most likely way this will happen is someone posting a question or complaint on your Facebook page. Responding to every complaint and question posted on your Facebook business page will make your new fans feel more connected to your business.

Moreover, your business or brand can use its Facebook fan page to inform friends—who could include potential customers— about its sales or promotions. When using Facebook pages to advertise sales and promotions, make sure that you include the same information that you would in other advertisements, such as what the promotion covers and where customers can redeem it.

Businesses can also use Facebook pages to announce positive company changes or announcements. Sharing a new partnership with another local business that benefits your clients will be appreciated. Facebook allows companies to become friends with people and other businesses so that they are able to communicate with each other through instant messages, messages or comments.