This is the hopes to play in the consumer’s mind. Any company or business wants to take a positive and privileged place in the mind of your target location but what exactly? What factors depends on achieving it? You’ll know. Then we will see what are the necessary steps to define a positioning strategy for your business. Also, we see the different types of actions. Pay attention!

Step 1: Define Your Target Market

The first step is to define clearly the target market to which you will orient your product. You know your target well; you will identify the best way to position your brand before him. Remember what Jonathan Baldovino said:

“You are not your own target”

Step 2: Perform a Situation Analysis

Within your means, try to get as much information on the market. For this, you can draw both primary sources of information (generated from market research and other own surveys) and secondary (statistics and market information provided by third parties).

This survey should help mainly to answer the following questions:

  • What are the attributes of the product or service to your target which reacts favorably?
  • Who are your competitors and what is their positioning strategy?
  • How are they perceived different brands competing in relation to these distinctive characteristics?
  • What would be the best mix of marketing and communication to effectively position yourself in the mind of your target?
  • What resources do you count to develop a campaign for your brand?

Step 3: Define the type Positioning

From the market itself and obtained information, you can determine the appropriate strategy for your brand positioning and then define what the strategy of communication more convenient to get it.

Here are the main types of positioning which you can choose:

Position itself as the opposite

In the case of new brands it is perhaps more convenient to position itself as the alternative to what competitors offer and target your message with different and even opposite attributes.For example, Sensodyne toothpaste does focus on tooth sensitivity rather than target the teeth whiter or cooler as do several kinds of toothpaste.

Multiple positioning

Large multinationals with a global presence and a broad portfolio of products and brands tend to even apply more than a positioning strategy, adapting it to each product and segment they target.

For example, there are brewers that offer different types of product to multiple segments (dark beers, light beers, premium beers, and economic beers) and, therefore, focus their marketing and communications strategies on positioning each brand as appropriate.

Now you know

Successfully position yourself in the mind of your target is not easy. It is not accomplished overnight and demand significant financial resources to develop different marketing actions and communication.

But the consumer perceives your brand the way you intend, you can make the difference between success or failure of your business. We, therefore, hope that this material will be of great help.

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