In recent days SEO becomes one of the major marketing policies in the internet market system. Many of the webpage users don’t know they are dealing with SEO every time they surf the net. But it acts as a hot cake now in the internet world. So the question comes, what is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization is the technique that improves the page ranking of the WebPages according to a certain guideline provided by the search engines. In fact search engine optimization helps the web users to find their links they are looking for. In internet market strategy search engine optimization becomes a major concern for the webpage owners.

what is seoSEO is actually a spider that crawls through the web pages submitted to the search engines in order to find out the page desired by the webpage user. SEO may also include the image search, video search and local search. So what the contents users are looking for doesn’t matter at all. Basically SEO perceives how the search engines operate and what the people surf for. SEO tactic also includes editing the HTML code and the page content. With the help of tags, Meta tags, links and key words SEO finds the list of what the web user want to see in their search.

In Search Engine Optimization key words and its density of the page or the articles play a vital role. Most of the spiders crawl through the pages to find the keywords and its repetition. The more frequent the keyword, the more it is possible to highlight the page in the search engines ranking. In order to get answers of what is SEO and how does it work, it is necessary to crawl for the history of SEO. Actually Search Engine Optimization starts in mid 1990s. All it took was to submit the URL or page address to search engines by the corresponding webmaster.

The search engines used a program or software named spider to crawl through the page addresses and to return the information which was cataloged by the search engines. The program used in the 1990s is still known as spider, a metaphorical name that holds the truth of a spider and web. Since then search engines optimization have been taking a place in the interest of the web site owners. One of the popular algorithms was to find the key word density in the page. But soon it became a problem for the search engines to find the accurate page because many articles or pages use recurrent keywords that uphold the page in the result of the search engine’s surfing. So the users became unsatisfied with the results .So the situation demanded for the invention of new algorithms. Many algorithms have been devised and used so far. The most popular search engines Google and Yahoo use their own algorithm to work with spider. Graduate students of Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry page invented a mathematical algorithm known as ‘Page rank’.

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